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Explore the Beauty of Wisemans Bridge Beach: A Hidden Gem in Pembrokeshire.

Nestled between the picturesque coastal villages of Saundersfoot and Amroth in Pembrokeshire, Wisemans Bridge Beach is a hidden gem that offers much more than meets the eye. With its golden sands, panoramic views, and intriguing history, this beach is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Wiseman's Bridge beach

A Beach with Character

Wisemans Bridge Beach boasts a unique feature – the Wisemans Bridge Inn, which stands proudly at the heart of this charming little community. With its welcoming atmosphere, this inn is not only a great place to grab a drink or a meal but is also famously dog-friendly. So, your four-legged friends are just as welcome as you are to enjoy a day at the beach.

This golden sand beach is backed by rocks that lead to a pebble bank, creating a picturesque shoreline. When the tide is low, a vast expanse of sand emerges, perfect for beach games or letting your dog run free. 

Wisemans Bridge Inn

Scenic Walks and Biking Routes

Beyond the beach, Wisemans Bridge offers a network of paths and tunnels that connect the beach to the coastline. This makes it a hotspot for walkers seeking panoramic views and a variety of walks and biking routes in the area.

Wisemans Bridge Beach

Getting There

You can reach Wisemans Bridge Beach with ease from Saundersfoot. The popular route is along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, which connects to the village street and extends to the border between Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. This path also leads to Amroth Beach, the starting and ending point of the 186-mile Pembrokeshire coastal path.

For those traveling by car, there are free parking spaces along the beachfront. On the opposite side of the road, you’ll find another entrance to a grassy car park.

A Safe Haven for Swimmers and Nature Enthusiasts

Wisemans Bridge Beach is an excellent spot for swimming and is generally safe, though there is no lifeguard patrol. The beach is surrounded by rocky promontories that are perfect for exploration. The area is also renowned for its petrified forest, and at low tide, you might spot blue clay and the original petrified tree stumps. Sometimes, ancient treasures like bones, fossils, and antlers wash ashore.

Geological Marvels

As you walk along the sea walls from Saundersfoot to Wisemans Bridge Beach, you’ll encounter a geological wonder—a large amphitheatre of folded rock. This formation dates back millions of years to when the continents of Laurasia and Gondwana collided to form Pangea. During this time, Wales lay near the equator. The result is a series of exceptional rock pools, perfect for exploration with a fishing net in hand.

Wisemans Bridge Beach

A Glimpse into History

Wisemans Bridge Beach has a fascinating history tied to the coal industry. The tunnels that surround the area once served as passageways for transporting coal to Saundersfoot Harbour, where it was exported nationwide. Today, you can still explore these tunnels, especially if you embark on a walk between Wisemans Bridge and Saundersfoot. For an added adventure, take a scenic hike through the forest, following the stream to the old Killgetty Ironworks.

Explore More of Pembrokeshire

If you’re eager for more outdoor adventures in this beautiful region, don’t forget to check out our guide to walks around Tenby for additional information. Wisemans Bridge Beach awaits, offering a blend of natural beauty, history, and endless exploration.

Oh, did we forget to mention… the parking is FREE.