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Discover the Best Attractions and Activities Within 10 Miles of Tenby

Tenby, that picturesque coastal gem in Pembrokeshire, is your gateway to a world of enchanting places to visit and exhilarating things to do, all within 10 miles of Tenby. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or an adventure seeker, this vibrant region has something for everyone. Here’s your guide to the local treasures just a stone’s throw from Tenby:

Places to Visit

Lamphey Bishops Palace (5.2 Miles)

Lamphey Bishops Palace

A Walk through Time: Step back in history at the Lamphey Bishops Palace, where the medieval ruins of this former grand residence provide a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Church Door Cove and Skrinkle Haven Beach (6.2 Miles)

Church Doors Cove and Skribkle Haven Beach

Hidden Beach Delights: Discover the hidden gems of Church Door Cove and Skrinkle Haven Beach, where dramatic rock formations and golden sands await your exploration.

Wisemans Bridge (5.2 Miles)

Wisemans Bridge Car Park FREE Wisemans Bridge beach

A Seaside Stroll: Wisemans Bridge offers a tranquil, picturesque beach and a charming pub for those looking to relax by the waves.

Saundersfoot (3.3 Miles)

Harbour Charm: Saundersfoot, a nearby harbour village, is a delightful place to explore with its picturesque seaside and array of eateries.

Amroth (6.8 Miles)

Amroth beach

Coastal Paradise: Amroth boasts a serene beach and scenic walks along the coast, perfect for a day of relaxation.

Lydstep (4.2 Miles)

Lydstep Haven Beach

Cliffs and Coves: Lydstep is home to a breathtaking stretch of coastline with rugged cliffs and hidden coves, waiting to be discovered.

Manorbier Castle (5.8 Miles)

Tenby to Manorbier walk

Medieval Majesty: Visit the historic Manorbier Castle, a splendid medieval structure with beautiful gardens and captivating history.

Carew Castle (6.3 Miles)

Carew Castle and Tidal Mill

Castle Chronicles: Explore the well-preserved Carew Castle, a fascinating relic from the past, surrounded by a mill pond and mill.

Stepaside Iron Works (5.2 Miles)

Stepaside Ironworks

Industrial Heritage: Delve into the history of the Stepaside Iron Works, a testament to the region’s industrial past.

Freshwater East (8.7 Miles)

Freshwater East

Sandy Serenity: Freshwater East offers a serene beach, perfect for a day of sun, sea, and sand.

Cresselly Arms (8.6 Miles)

Local Pub Life: Enjoy the convivial atmosphere and perhaps a tasty meal at the Cresselly Arms, a charming local pub.

Things to Do

Carew Karting (5.1 Miles)

Need for Speed: Satisfy your need for speed with karting at Carew Karting, a thrilling activity for adrenaline junkies.

Manor Wildlife Park (3.1 Miles)

Manor Wildlife Park in Tenby

Wild Encounters: Get up close and personal with wildlife at Manor Wildlife Park, a delightful destination for the whole family.

Folly Farm (6.2 Miles)

Folly Farm Adventure

Family Fun: Folly Farm offers a fantastic day out for families with a zoo, fairground, and a range of farm animals.

Ritech Valley Quad Bikes (2.5 Miles)

Off-Road Adventures: Embark on off-road adventures with quad biking at Ritech Valley, an exhilarating way to explore the countryside.

The Dinosaur Park (2.5 Miles)

Jurassic Joy: Roam with the dinosaurs at The Dinosaur Park, an entertaining and educational attraction for all ages.

Heatherton World of Activities (3.2 Miles)

Adventure Awaits: Experience a world of adventure at Heatherton, offering activities from paintball to ziplining.

Don’t Stop Here!

Have any other favourite spots or activities within 10 miles of Tenby? Share your recommendations and help fellow explorers uncover the hidden gems of this stunning coastal region. Your adventure awaits!


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