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Dylan Thomas in Tenby: A Whimsical Tale of Words and Wisdom

If, like us, you find joy in the symphony of words, their taste on the tongue, and the magic they weave, join us on a whimsical journey through Tenby’s encounter with the master of language, Dylan Thomas. Let’s explore the anecdotes, the laughter, and the legacy he left in this charming coastal town.

Dylan’s Poetic Prelude: Readings and Revelry in Tenby

In 1949, Dylan Thomas graced Tenby with his presence, captivating the Tenby and District Arts Club with readings ranging from nature’s beauty to the quirks of daily life on a cracked cup. He wove words into a sensational tapestry with the artistry of a maestro, enchanting the audience with the pure magic of language.

Under Milk Wood Unveiled: Dylan’s Theatrical Surprise

In 1953, at The Salad Bowl on the Croft, Dylan Thomas pulled off a theatrical surprise that Tenby would never forget. Arriving late but miraculously sober, he took the stage amidst a Brahms piano recital. With a flick of a cigarette and a hasty disdain for water, Dylan introduced the first public reading in Wales of his masterpiece, “Under Milk Wood.” Laughter and applause filled the air as the “lulled and dumbfound town” of Llareggub stirred into life.

Observer wrote “Perhaps at some future date the Tenby Arts Club may have the joy of hearing the same voice in his poems of moving beauty and vision”.

A Blue Plaque Tribute: Honouring Dylan’s Tenby Sojourn

In a fitting tribute, the Tenby Civic Society unveiled a Blue Plaque on the site of The Salad Bowl, (The Croft above North Beach) commemorating Dylan Thomas’s momentous visit and the reading that echoed through the town. Explore the legacy of this literary giant and pay homage to the colour of saying that Dylan so masterfully painted.

Dylan’s Words Echo in Tenby’s Breeze

As we stroll through the streets of Tenby, let’s carry with us the echoes of Dylan’s laughter, the cadence of his readings, and the magic of words that still dance in the coastal breeze. Dylan Thomas may have left Tenby, but his words linger, inviting us to embrace the whimsy and wonder they bring to this charming seaside town.


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