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Chock Shop Saundersfoot are an artisan chocolate brownie company with an incredible range of flavours from Salted Caramel, Baileys, Rocky Road and Caramelized Hazelnut.

Not only do we have an amazing variety of flavours we serve them with delicious luxury warm Belgian chocolate sauce and cream to eat there and then, or we can box them up to take home.

At our Saundersfoot shop, we have an amazing selection of drinks, from delicious welsh coffee, handmade brownie loaded milkshakes and a great selection of cold drinks. And you are only a short walk away from the beach to enjoy your treats with a spectacular view.



Like all the greatest creations, Chock Shop is a simple idea carried out with a lot of love.

The company began when founder, Greg Shearman, poured his passion for baking into creating the very best brownies he could. He didn’t just scour delicatessens to source the finest ingredients, Greg made sure these brownies were seriously fresh – handmade, hand-cut and hand-decorated.

Customers couldn’t get enough, and soon Chock Shop’s famous artisan brownies were causing queues at festivals and markets up and down the country.

Pop into the Chock Shop Saundersfoot for a truly sweet treat.



We’re not just about delicious wordplay – Chock Shop brownies are round for a very good reason.

Brownies are traditionally baked in rectangular trays and cut in the same shape. But this means someone always gets the harder outside edge, and we know you want the best bit!

That’s why at Chock Shop we use a circular cutter to guarantee that every customer gets the heart of the brownie – the sweetest, softest and warmest piece available. Although a bit crumblier, the outside bits still taste amazing and bring the fabulous bite to our Rocky Road brownies that customers go crazy for.


We’re all about variety and we’re always working to keep our great flavour combinations as fresh as our brownies. Crunchy peanut butter, sticky toffee and rocky road are some of the firm favourites among our younger fans. Grown-ups can sink into the bliss of our Belgian Callebaut white chocolate brownies, with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids.

Need something naughtier? Go for our brownies laced with buttercream liquors. We mentioned Baileys, but what about Amaretto, or Hennessy Cognac? It’s cheeky and you’ll love it!

Add fresh cream, hot chocolate sauce or our locally-sourced ice cream to your brownies for the ultimate, all-out indulgence.


Please note that all Chock Shop brownies are made in the same kitchen unit, therefore there may be a risk of exposure to airborne allergens, such as nuts. Please ask a member of staff regarding the ingredients when you purchase your brownies. Alternatively, contact us by e-mail if you have a specific dietary query.

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