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The Stowaway Tenby Harbour Café offers a cosy atmosphere in a convenient location and very popular with locals.

A small independent super hipster coffee shop set in a grade 2 listed arch on Tenby Harbour. The shop is tucked into the walls of one of the original boat stores. Stowaway has real character.

Expert baristas making great coffee offering great service in a unique and quirky location. Everything about it is good, the food the tea, coffee and snacks and their sausage rolls are to die for. The staff are really nice and enjoy your company.

Super cosy and tasty hot chocolate. Our Ice cream is always a hit.

If you are looking for a quick warm-up after being on the beach with your family, there is no better place.

Often described as quirky and cosy with a nice atmosphere with nice calming music.

Here's what our wonderful customers have to say about The Stowaway Tenby Harbour Cafe:

  • A great little cafe with delicious cakes! Very friendly. The interior is lovely, with games and books. Gigantic custard slice is highly recommended. - Hannah
  • Really great sausage rolls which everyone loved, had a great selection of different types and the panni were full of flavour which was lovely. Very friendly lady at the counter who served us - Matthew
  • What a find... a small cosy cafe with lovely ice cream! Friendly staff too. Very few seats but in a very interesting hole. Beautifully decorated place with games for kids. Enjoyed my time here! - Wendy
  • It was a rainy day, it was a dark day, it was my first day in Tenby and I was walking with my dog around and everywhere smell of fish, and lonely boats around, tourist's season already gone and was thinking what to do as absolutely wet thanks to never-ending invisible drizzling :-) I saw opened gate of the fisherman garage, but there was a very tiny little Cafe.....just a couple of tables and benches, a nice cafe calming music, the very welcoming lady serving coffees and teas. 6 person and 3 wet dogs (me and my Tara included), nice chat and relaxing time while waiting for nor-rainy time. Go there, I reckon you will be happy there any time, any weather. wish you to be lucky as I was and found a free chair for me. I guess its a really busy place during spring and summer:-) - Daniela

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