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Top Joe's Pizza is located at the very top end of Upper Frog Street above Tenby North Beach, and we dare you to walk past without being drawn in by our delicious smells wafting from this restaurant. we use only the best ingredients and hand-make each and every pizza from scratch.

With authentic Italian methods, Top Joe's Pizza creates its own fresh dough, then loads it up with toppings before baking it for you to enjoy.

Whether you eat in or take away, you can choose between a range of starters, mains and desserts. Order salads, pasta, ice creams, drinks and more alongside a great selection of pizzas.

The pizza dough and tomato sauce here do not contain any animal products and as the marinara pizza has no cheese on it, vegans can order it as it is.

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A bit pizza of history from Top Joes Pizza

Depending on who you believe, the first time the word ‘pizza’ was coined was around the 1100s AD. Whilst Rome has been mentioned as the birthplace for pizza. It is almost certain that this was actually in Naples. Early creations delved with various bases until global trade brought the tomato to Italy. This one fruit completely changed the pizza landscape once and for all.

Pizza remained a country dish only for Italians, until Queen Margherita and her husband King Umberto I, toured their kingdom. The queen noticed this dish and was utterly smitten with it. She had her chef make various pizza styles until he hit on the one she fell in love with. The chef honoured the Italian flag using the red tomatoes for the base, green basil and white mozzarella cheese. And the Margherita pizza was born.

It wasn’t until the end of World War II that pizza became a global demand. Allied soldiers fell in love with pizza and ultimately created many pizzerias honouring this most beloved of Italian gifts to the world.

...and then there was Top Joes Pizza of course :-)


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    • Kattinthehatt91
      December 5, 2020 at 10:40 pm

      LOVE this place the pizzas blow me away every time and the quirky plates you have to eat to reveal the funky art work !

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