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Star of the Sea shines on Tenby

A spotlight on Môr of Tenby and their Coffi Da and Little Croft Chocolate Bar

On leaving the hustle and bustle of The Square in Tenby and heading down towards the harbour, you may be forgiven for thinking you are walking away from the fantastic cafes and shops on offer. That is most definitely not the case; there is still so much more to see.

Nestled into the terraced properties, as you stroll towards the sea, you will find Môr, which was opened in 2020 and has already become such a beautiful addition to the town.

Môr is a family run business named after Seren-y-Môr which translates to Star of the Sea

Môr offers a range of Welsh Artisan Gifts and Produce, as well as serving fresh coffee, delicious cakes and ice creams, of course.

From the store, you are just a very short walk from Castle Beach, Harbour Beach and the Harbour itself, all great places to sit and enjoy your Môr treats in one of the most iconic locations in Tenby.

Môr of Tenby and their Coffi Da and Little Croft Chocolate bar

As you enter the shop, you will be struck by the smell of freshly ground coffee and captured by the stunning décor. With glistening golden tiles, bare brickwork and a leafy flower wall, there are so many gorgeous textures to the interior of this shop, all set off by the huge Pampas cloud above the counter.

The team at Môr are really passionate about Welsh produce, and it is the perfect place to stock up on a range of Foodie treats. You will find shelves full to the brim with biscuits, jams, chutneys, and crackers, to name a few.

Spinning around to the fridge behind you offers an array of cheese and olives, with locally produced soft drinks to complete your cheese board to picnic on the beach. If you enjoy cooking or baking, there are many ingredients to take home to add a taste of Wales to your next dish!

Môr has recently launched its own range of coffee and has also teamed up with Little Croft Chocolate to produce their first bar. Tenby Foodie was kindly invited to review the new products.

Little Croft Chocolate – Môr with a pinch of salt

Môr of Tenby Coffi Da and Little Croft Chocolate bar

If a bar of chocolate was ever going to take you somewhere, this one takes you straight to the sea!

A punchy amount of sea salt embedded into the bottom of this bar hits your tongue and creates the most amazing balance of salty and sweet. The salty crunch adds to the texture, but as always, Little Croft chocolate is as smooth as can be for the perfect blend.

Coffi Da Rhif. 1 – Good Coffee No.1

There are currently four different coffee blends in the Coffi Da range, and I tried Rhif. 1. This was the first blend that Môr created, and it certainly has a deeply rich aroma and flavour at its highest strength. The beans of this blend originate from Brazil, Honduras & Uganda, but all Coffi Da is roasted right here in Pembrokeshire.

Brewing my first coffee of the day with this blend is a fantastic way to wake up and start the day. A definite hit on all of the senses!

The boat symbol you will see on both of these products captures so much about the family business and what it represents. Their family boat ‘The Zeal’ was moored in Tenby Harbour as far back as 1893, and the logo was drawn from a photo featuring two generations, second and third generation Great Grandfather’s.

The exact cornflower blue colour of the family boat, Seren-Y-Mor, features on the label for Coffi Da Rhif. 31, the 31st being their Grandfather’s birthday.

With so much history already in this business, it seems only right that a gallery wall of family photos leads you to the back of the store, where you will find a huge range of homeware.

The photos featured are black and white, all taken in the ’70s and are available to buy as a reflection on Tenby’s history.

The colours, textures and soft lighting then pulls you into an area dedicated to homewares to help you serve at home in style.

Again, whilst the team have sourced such beautiful items from cushions to crockery, they have also created their own stunning range of candles, beauty and bath products. These are all presented in strikingly simple packaging with a variety of seasonal scents.

It was lovely to speak to the team about future plans too, there is definitely more to come from Môr, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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