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Tenby Harbour Beach Lunch Box


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Enhance your lunchtime experience with our Bento-style Tenby Harbour Beach Lunchbox. This isn’t just a lunch container; it’s a work of art that combines practicality with coastal charm. Whether you’re headed to work, school, or a delightful picnic, this bento-style lunchbox ensures that you enjoy your meal on your terms.

Crafted for both functionality and style, this lunchbox features a single size, measuring 7.7″ x 4.7″ x 2.4″ (20 x 12 x 6cm), making it conveniently compact for on-the-go dining. The wooden cover, adorned with an exquisite oil painting-style scene of Tenby Harbour Beach, adds a touch of elegance to your lunchtime ritual. Not only does it serve as a lid, but it also doubles as a handy plate, giving you the freedom to enjoy your meal with ease.

Inside, you’ll find a silicone tray equipped with two moveable compartment dividers. One divider is loose, providing versatility in organising your food, while the other is stable, ensuring that your meal remains neatly separated. This innovative design allows you to pack various items without worrying about flavours mixing.

Safety and quality are paramount, which is why our Tenby Harbour Beach lunchbox is BPA-free, giving you peace of mind about your food storage. To keep everything secure and in place, an elastic band is included, ensuring your lunch stays intact during transport. Plus, we’ve included a set of cutlery for added convenience, so you’re ready to enjoy your meal wherever you are.

Our Bento-style Tenby Harbour Beach Lunchbox not only enhances your lunchtime experience but also brings a piece of coastal beauty to your daily routine. It’s not just a lunchbox; it’s a piece of art that allows you to savour your meal in style.

Enjoy fresh food on your own terms, whether at work, at school, or at a picnic. This bento-style lunchbox comes with smart compartments to keep your food separate. The stylish wooden lid can double as a handy plate while the 7.6″ x 4.8″ size makes it a convenient choice that easily fits into any bag or backpack.

.: One size – 7.7″ x 4.7″ x 2.4″ (20 x 12 x 6cm)
.: Silicone tray with a wooden cover
.: Two moveable compartment dividers (one loose, one stable)
.: BPA free
.: An elastic band and cutlery included


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