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Tenby Harbour Beach Artistic Print Portrait


Transport yourself to the tranquil shores of Tenby Harbour with our Tenby Harbour Beach Print.

This artful masterpiece, created in the classic style of oil on board, captures the timeless beauty of this coastal gem. Meticulously printed on premium 175gsm fine art paper, it boasts vivid colours and sharp details. The included natural white Passepartout frame adds an elegant touch, making it a true work of art. Choose from two sizes to perfectly fit your space.

Whether you hang it as-is or customise with your preferred frame, this print will infuse your home or gallery with coastal charm and elegance.

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Elevate your Tenby Harbour Beach Print to new heights with our premium, 175gsm fine-art paper print. This exquisite print captures the coastal beauty of Tenby Harbour beach, rendered in the timeless style of oil on board, and when paired with our specialised presentation, it becomes a true masterpiece.

Our Tenby Harbour Beach Print is meticulously crafted on high-quality, 175gsm fine art paper, ensuring vivid colours and sharp details that do justice to the coastal scene’s charm. The print is available in two convenient sizes: 11″ × 14″ (28 × 35cm) and 16″ × 20″ (41 × 51cm), and is also available in Portrait and Landscape, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space.

But what truly sets this print apart is its presentation. It comes equipped with a thick, 2mm window-cut cardboard frame, also known as a Passepartout, in a natural white colour. This frame adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your artwork, framing it in the most stunning light possible. The Passepartout creates a beautiful contrast with the print, drawing attention to the Tenby Harbour Beach scene while offering a cohesive and polished look.

You have the flexibility to hang this premium print as-is, allowing the natural white frame to effortlessly complement your decor. Alternatively, you can insert it into a protective frame of your choice to match your personal style.

Please note that hanging supplies are not included, but we recommend using sticky hanging strips for a secure and hassle-free installation.

When you receive your Tenby Harbour Beach Print, some assembly is required to insert it into a frame if you choose to do so. This process is straightforward and ensures that your artwork is protected and beautifully presented.

Add a touch of coastal charm and elegance to your home or gallery with our Tenby Harbour Beach Print in the style of oil on board. It’s more than just art; it’s a journey to the serene shores of Tenby Harbour Beach, captured in the most exquisite way possible. Order yours today and bring the coastal nostalgia to life in your space.

Frame your art in the most stunning light possible and showcase it in any home or gallery with this premium, 175gsm fine-art paper print. Equipped with a thick, 2mm (0.07″) window-cut cardboard (passpartout) frame that comes in a natural white colour, these prints can be hung as-is or inserted in a protective frame of your choice. Available in two sizes: 11″ × 14″ or 16″ × 20″.

.: 175gsm fine art paper
.: Available in 2 sizes: 11″ × 14″ (28 × 35cm) or 16″ × 20″ (41 × 51cm)
.: Premium quality giclée print
.: Thick, 2mm window cut cardboard frame
.: Natural white frame colour
.: NB! Protective frame not included
.: NB! Some assembly is required upon receipt

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11" × 14" (28 × 35cm), 16" × 20" (41 × 51cm), 14" × 11" (35 × 28cm), 20" × 16" (51 × 41cm)


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