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Something Brewing Around Tenby

If lockdown had you hopping mad, how about a crafty ale to cheer you?

At last! Now we are finally starting to plan to travel, visit and explore, surely it’s time to enjoy the little things we took for granted pre-pandemic? Like the ability to holiday in beautiful Pembrokeshire and sample the wonderful craft breweries it has to offer.

Perhaps a holiday isn’t a holiday for you without tasting the local favourite ales. If you love to try the offerings of a creative, talented brewery and a crisp, refreshing pint is high on your to-do list, Around Tenby is an ideal area for you to discover.

You’ll find much loved and award-winning breweries here that offer up an amazing selection of beers.

Today we focus on a fantastic little business, producing some of the finest ales in Wales. If you are staying in the Tenby area, they are right on your doorstep and couldn’t be more welcome, and indeed more welcoming, for those who love to taste truly local beers.

Tenby Brewing Co.

Since 2015 we’ve been able to sample the unique and varied craft beers from this gem of a local brewery. If you are the kind of traveller, who reminisces about beers enjoyed on trips away and wishes you could get a supply sent to enjoy at home, then look no further. Offering 12 can mixed bundles sent directly to you fresh from the brewery, Tenby Brewing Co. is a beer lovers best friend.

The quirkiness of their range and the adventures in flavour they bring make this an ever-popular brand with locals.

They sell from their own on-site shop, and during lockdown, they were quick to pivot to online ordering and click-and-collect after losing 80% of their usual sales. These guys were on it, switching to mini-kegs and offering everything in cans, with a revamped website and great involvement with their customers via social media. We all saw the images of millions of gallons of perfectly good beer being poured away during the pandemic, and it’s a testament to their forward-thinking and hard work that they not only survived the worst ever year in brewing history but thrived.

One million pints created and enjoyed, and their inventive twists on the ‘suppable nectar’ goes on.

Link ups with US music legends ‘Panic at the Disco’ and more recently mega-talented rock band ‘Those Damn Crows’ produced memorable special additions.

They also create perfect classics like ‘Clean Break’, which they describe as an honest pilsner, and ‘Paradiso’, described as a New England Pale. Their USP, though, is their imagination and skill in producing amazing tastes like ‘Son of a Beach’ tropical hopped pale ale, ‘Night Swimming’ coffee milk stout and ‘Stick it up your Dojo’ raspberry and passionfruit sour.

The package design is also quirky and feels uniquely ‘them’, and they even offer a very cool glass that can sit sideways for pouring, so you never overdo the froth. If you are lucky, you can purchase a bundle that includes this imaginatively designed glass. It’s offered as a special on occasion, but be warned these deals sell out quickly. Keep looking at their website because it’s worth it!

Brewing Around Tenby with the Tenby Brewing Co

Tenby Brewing Company is not just a one-trick beer pony, though.

In 2017 they ventured into a bricks and mortar space in the heart of Tenby, opening the very cool Sandbar to showcase their brewing prowess. Partnering with the hearty and delicious food from Cwlbox, it quickly became a winner. Cwlbox offer street-style food with influences from all across the world, including Seafood Platters, great curries, Bang Bang Chicken and a range of veggie and vegan dishes.

Brewing Around Tenby at the Sand Bar and Cwl Box

The food and drink menus worked perfectly together, and to new visitors to Tenby came to realise that it’s not just a quaint and charming old seaside town and harbour, but has vibe, energy and innovation. Traditional and contemporary offerings enhance each in such a beautiful setting.

And there is another exciting piece of news for Tenby Brewing Company at the time of writing.

June 5th 2021, sees the launch party for their latest venture, The Yard. Although sold out well in advance for the grand opening, the venture promises to become a weekend mainstay of any self-respecting beer lovers trip to Tenby. The venue they’ve created is sited at The Salterns in the brewery’s yard, hence the name. Following the success of their previous mini-events, including their wonderful Brewstock, TBC had no problem crowdfunding this latest venture with a legion of loyal local fans.

With the minefield of planning permission and local bylaws now conquered, they’ve designed purpose-built, permanent structures right there, feet away from the freshest beers imaginable. They offer a full tap bar with 14 beers from their range plus guests, in a re-purposed shipping container, covered and outdoor areas with a stretch tent with seating and live music for 150 happy souls.

Food will be provided by Cwlbox, of course, plus guest pop-ups, with the street food vibe, perfectly fitting the semi-festival feel of this party and all the following great weekend events to come. And yes, there is a huge public car park right next to the site for practical party lovers and designated drivers. Well, if that doesn’t seal the deal, nothing could; get ready for this to be your best night of the week/month/holiday Around Tenby.

We wish them an un-beer-lievable success.


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