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Tenby is about to get even more revered as one of Wales’ most beautiful places, following a visit from one of the world’s most beautiful male voices. Back in April, Tenby welcomed none other than the world-famous West End star Michael Ball!

Michael Ball was filming in Tenby for the much-anticipated new Channel 5 show “Wonderful Wales”. Visitor Shelley Hughes Williams took these images of him hard at work at Tenby Castle. Although he didn’t get the best weather it seems, no doubt he had a great time with us, (On the same day Shelley also spotted Wally the Walrus. That was quite a star-studded trip!)

Michael Ball in Tenby on Castle Hill

Starting on Friday 9th July at 8pm, the four-part programme “Wonderful Wales” explores the historical treasures and rich traditions of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Wales. Michael also sings with some of Wales’ most accomplished choirs at the end of each episode, with the stunning scenery of each region as a backdrop.

The programme allowed Michael a chance to connect with areas previously unexplored. Though he spent some of his childhood in Wales, there was much still left for him to visit. His mother was born in the Cynon Valley where his Grandfather was a coal miner. His experience was limited to the Valleys and Cardiff. Creating this programme has shown him some incredibly beautiful and unique new experiences. One of them was learning about the myths and legends of Tenby from a local storyteller. He also visits Laugharne, the final resting place of Dylan Thomas.

We look forward to tuning in and seeing Michael Ball Around Tenby. His visit here will take place in the second episode we believe. The whole show sounds fascinating, with history and communities brought to life. Michael himself admitted to developing a soft lilt while working on the programme, and to falling completely in love with the Land of His Mother. With the added bonus of him appearing in our favourite place of Tenby, the programme promises to be a must-watch for lovers of Wonderful Wales.

We look forward to tuning in!

You Can Tune in Here


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