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Crabbing Fun for Kids in Tenby Harbour: A Seaside Extravaganza

With its bustling atmosphere and crystal-clear waters, Tenby Harbour invites young adventurers to embark on an exciting journey of crabbing fun. Discover the joy of marine exploration as kids dip their toes into the oceanic world, where crabs and other coastal critters await discovery.

Tenby Crabbing for Kids

Supervised Thrills: Crabbing in Tenby Harbour is a family-friendly activity that offers supervised thrills for kids of all ages. Accompanied by the laughter of seagulls and the gentle lapping of waves, children can try their hand at this timeless seaside tradition.

The Crabbing Essentials

Crabbing Gear: Before the crabbing adventure begins, gather the essential gear. A simple crabbing line with a net, a bucket, and some bait (bacon or fish scraps work wonders) are all you need to get started. Local shops around Tenby offer crabbing kits for added convenience.

Or check out this ECO-FRIENDLY CRAB LINE with biodegradable hessian bait bag and H-shaped wooden frame to wrap hessian cord around BUY HERE

Designed with a biodegradable hessian bait bag and a cool H-shaped wooden frame, it’s safe and easy for kids. No dangerous hooks or sharp edges here—just add stones and bait, and watch the little ones delight in catching their first crab!

Plus, it’s a zero-plastic hero, made entirely from natural materials, making it a fantastic way to reduce plastic waste while having a blast by the shore.

Choosing the Perfect Spot: Tenby Harbour provides an array of excellent crabbing spots. Opt for areas with calm waters, such as the harbour walls or rocky outcrops, where crabs often gather. Timing is key – try crabbing during high tide for the best results.

Tenby Crabbing for Kids

Unveiling the Wonders of the Sea

Catching and Observing: Cast your crab line into the water, wait patiently, and feel the excitement as a crab latches onto the bait. Gently lift the line, bringing the crab into view. Kids can marvel at the crustacean’s intricate details and vibrant colours before releasing it back into the water.

Learning Opportunities: Crabbing in Tenby Harbour goes beyond mere amusement; it provides valuable learning opportunities. Kids can discover the diversity of marine life, understand the importance of conservation, and develop a deeper connection to the oceanic environment.

Tenby Crabbing for Kids

Tips for a Successful Crabbing Adventure

Safety First: Supervision is crucial, especially for younger crabbers. Remind kids to be cautious around the water’s edge and handle the crabs gently. Please encourage them to wash their hands after each crabbing session.

Catch-and-Release: Emphasise the catch-and-release aspect of crabbing. Teach kids about responsible and respectful interactions with wildlife, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship.

Tenby Crabbing for Kids

Crafting Cherished Seaside Memories

Quality Family Time: Crabbing in Tenby Harbour isn’t just about catching crabs and creating lasting family memories. From the excitement of the catch to the shared laughter and salty sea air, these moments become cherished chapters in the family album.

Capturing the Experience: Bring along a camera or smartphone to capture the joyous expressions, the vibrant crabs, and the picturesque backdrop of Tenby Harbour. Documenting the adventure ensures that these memories will be treasured for years.

Crabbing Fun for Kids in Tenby Harbour is a delightful maritime escapade that combines exploration, education, and family bonding. As the sun sets over the harbour and laughter fills the air, it becomes clear that the simple joys of crabbing are timeless and eternally magical.

So, gather your crabbing gear, head to Tenby Harbour, and let the coastal enchantment unfold for your little ones.


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