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Around Tenby Shop launches to Support Local Businesses

We are proud to announce the launch of our much-anticipated online Around Tenby shop. This is our new online marketplace, enabling local businesses to connect with a global audience.

A Journey of Success

Around Tenby was initially established to support local businesses and promote tourism. Over time, our reach has expanded significantly, reaching a global audience with over 7.5 million annual website impressions and 17.5 thousand Instagram followers (and still strong). However, with success comes the need for sustainability.

Purposeful Shopping

Tenby Shop offers a distinctive opportunity for individuals to support our mission with ease. When you shop at our online store, you not only explore a wide range of products but also directly contribute to the growth of our services. The proceeds from sales are reinvested to fund our operations, ensuring the sustained development of our services and support local businesses.

Empowering Local Businesses

We extend a warm invitation to local shop owners to join us in this endeavour. The Around Tenby Shop serves as a platform for listing your business and showcasing and selling local produce and products to a global audience that shares a deep appreciation for Tenby and the beautiful villages of Pembrokeshire.

Beyond Shopping: A Mission

We firmly believe that the Around Tenby Shop is more than just an online store; it’s a crucial component of our mission. It empowers our commitment to benefit the local community and extends the opportunity for individuals to become part of something bigger.

Join Us Today

In a world where community support and commerce often converge online, we are excited to take this step to ensure the continued growth of our services while enhancing the experience of both residents and businesses in and around Tenby.

To explore Tenby Shop and make a difference

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About Around Tenby

Around Tenby is a Charity Interest Company dedicated to supporting local businesses and tourism in the Tenby area. Our mission has evolved to encompass various services, including Tenby Shop, an online store designed to empower the community and local businesses.


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