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Just Too Much!!!!

The top 10 reasons not to visit Tenby.

  1. It’s just way too beautiful. Far too attractive. Honestly, it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s an overload of loveliness. Excessively so. Whose eyes needs such vivid splendour?
    The top 10 reasons NOT to visit Tenby
    Photo by Billy Stock
  2. The air is way too fresh. Sea breezes, soft, clean winds, the tang of sea salt. Nobody needs that in their life.
    Photo by Phillip Roberts
  3. There’s a harbour, for goodness sake! Colourful, historic bobbing boats that land a daily catch. A bustling harbourside, a proper community of people who work there and are actual characters. As if you need to experience that.
    The top 10 reasons NOT to visit Tenby
    Photo by Chris Brookfield
  4. Beaches, all over the place! Big, massive expansive ones with golden sands and huge vistas. Award-winning, fantastically clean and beautifully kept beaches, where you can play, swim and walk for miles. One of them is the 7th most beautiful beach in the world. Like anyone is bothered!
    Photo by the Richard Whitcombe
  5. Ludicrously excellent local food, produced in the area and capturing the finest tastes and flavours of the region. Who cares? Food’s food, you can get grub anywhere surely?
    Photo by the Qube Restuarant – Tenby
  6. Art, talent and creativity. Working artists with their own studios, some that you can visit and purchase unique pieces from. A fabulous museum and local galleries creating some outstanding work. Why is that such a thing?
    The top 10 reasons NOT to visit Tenby Guy Manning Art Room
    Photo of Guy Manning – Artist
  7. Quirky little shops and boutiques, on quaint, pretty little streets, full of life and charm. Shops that sell something different, great clothes and beautiful gifts. So what, there’s nothing wrong with generic shops in clone towns, owned by massive companies, not benefitting the local economy at all. Who wants something different? Ridiculous.
    Photo by Equinox Tenby
  8. Famously friendly and kind people. So? What does it even matter if visitors are made welcome and people return year on year and dream of living in such a stunning and friendly place?
    Photo by Chris Brookfield of Richard Reed from Trevayne Farm Caravan and Camping
  9. Wonderful pubs, bars and restaurants, with great atmospheres, full of local history. Who do they think they are producing quality, skilfully created food and beers?
    Harbwr Brewery and Taproom
    Photo by HARBWR Brewery
  10. There is way too much to do, see and experience. Is anyone even interested in spectacular scenery? Do people like sailing, beach games, kite flying, days out in beautiful countryside with great dog walks, family fun, history, castles, adventures, picnics and amazing ice cream? Only weird people who like happiness and making wonderful memories.
    Photo by Thierry Maffeis

Give it a rest Tenby. It’s just too much.

The top 10 reasons NOT to visit Tenby… more reasons can be found below.

But don’t bother exploring more here. It’s not worth it!

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  • johnloring759
    June 26, 2021 at 8:10 am

    The place where people from Devon & Cornwall come to holiday ! Say’s it all 😉

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