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A day on Caldey Island





Take it easy and spend the day

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Spend the day on Caldey Island. A fleet of boats ferry you to and from Caldey Island from Easter to October. This little gem of an island just off the coast of Tenby is about as tranquil as it gets - hence monks and a monastery.

Boat to Caldey

Caldey is only accessible by boat, taking approximately 20 minutes.

For your comfort please bring suitable clothing for a sea trip in open boats.

All boats are licensed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Assistance for embarking wheelchair users or those with reduced mobility is available, but please seek advice from the Kiosk or by telephone or email before purchasing your tickets.

Group discounts are available for disabled people, coach parties and educational visits. Dogs (and their responsible owners) are welcome on Caldey but dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Boarding the Boats

Access to boats at High Tide is from Tenby Harbour Steps at low tide from a mobile jetty on Tenby Castle Beach. Please note that reaching the mobile jetty may involve crossing up to 100 metres of soft sand, and can present a problem for wheelchairs and those with reduced mobility.

Visitors will be required to step down or step up when boarding and disembarking from boats with assistance from a member of the crew.

Landing and boarding at Caldey is via a wide concrete slipway, and at very low tides via a specially adapted landing craft. Boats and landing craft can take wheelchairs but do not have access ramps for independent wheelchair users, however, all necessary assistance will be given.

Visitors are reminded that they use the boats, landing craft, ramps, jetties and slipways at their own risk.

All children travelling to the island must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their safety at all times.

On Reaching the Island:-

The use of camera drones is forbidden anywhere on Caldey Island without prior written approval from island management. Please understand that part of the island appeal for many visitors is it’s tranquillity and an escape from the intrusions which are often a part of mainland life. The use of camera drones is therefore considered intrusive and unacceptable. Please refer to for further information. 

Please be aware that certain parts of the island have uneven ground, steep and unstable cliffs, deep water and strong currents. Only essential vehicle movements are carried out and a speed limit of 20mph is in force, apart from emergency vehicles. There is a site map on arrival, and leaflets are available from the Island Post Office and shop in the village.

A limited number of wheelchairs are available to loan, stored on the jetty or at the Gift Shop. A fairly level walk of approximately 500 metres on a concrete roadway leads to the village.

Benches are available en route.


Toilet facilities are located in the village opposite the Post Office [Ladies and Gents toilets and a baby changing table]. A disabled cubicle is provided, fully adapted for independent wheelchair users.

Food and Drink

A tea garden café with an outdoor seating area is located in the village offering hot and cold snacks and drinks. We regret there is no indoor seating available. The approach to the cafe is on flat level ground

There is a single step up in to the cafe and a manually opening wooden door opening inwards.

Menu boards are posted on the walls.

There is a chilled drinks and self-serve sandwich and cake counter through the main (corner) entrance, with a one-way system exiting from the centre of the premises through double doors with a single step onto the grass. A separate entrance along the side facing the road gives access to the ‘ice-cream shop’, for those solely requiring ice-cream or cold drinks, (which helps reduce queue times).

Staff are available to help with menu items and prices.

A large flat grassed area is provided with seating and tables, and a decked area with a canvas covering at the far side of the building.

Benches are situated at numerous points around the island for those bringing their own picnic. (Village green, lighthouse area, Matthews Meadow, etc).

Village Centre Shops 

Some shop doorways have steps – assistance is available from staff

Doors are wooden and need to be opened manually.

All the shops have a single storey and are well lit.

1. The Island Gift Shop offers a range of products for sale.

2. The Perfume Shop sells a range of items produced on the Island.

3. The Post Office also has a small shop as well as a museum charting the Island’s history.

The Chocolate Factory / Fudgery.

A ten-minute uphill walk from the village.

The approach is made on an inclined concrete roadway on the road to the Light House. Signposted from the road and is located beside St Iltyds Church. A ramp into the premises is provided. Access is made through two manually-opened wooden doors. Selling Caldey Island chocolate and fudge.

Abbey and Churches

The Abbey and Monastic Enclosure are not open to visitors. 

Filming of monks or any activity in the Enclosure or Abbey is a breach of personal privacy and is therefore not permitted without express written permission by prior arrangement from all those so filmed. 

Please respect all ‘private’, ‘enclosure’ and similar pictorial or text no-access signs.

The Abbey Church viewing gallery (situated upstairs) is open to visitors. 

You are most welcome to watch or take part in the services of Sext at 1215pm and None at 1420pm.

Visitors are requested to respect the silence of the Church and refrain from talking or noisy activity whilst in the gallery and most especially during services.

Access to the Abbey Church is signposted via a set of stone steps with handrail, opposite the cottages in the village

Alternatively bypassing the flight of steps and continuing along an inclined concrete road that curves around in front of St David’s Church.

Entrance to the Abbey Church is by two steps up to a large wooden door which is manually opened.

The viewing gallery is accessed by climbing a stone staircase on the right (with a metal handrail).

If mobility is limited you are most welcome to observe the services through the glass partition from the ground floor porch area.

St David’s Church and churchyard.

A concrete ramp or steps gives access to St David’s grounds and a stone pathway leads to the church.

A single stone step up to the doorway, then two steps in front of a large manually opened wooden door.

Inside a stone tiled vestibule leads to two further steps up into the church.

Votive candles are available for lighting (donation welcome).

St Iltyd’s Church

From the village a smooth inclined road halfway to the Light House, next to the Old Priory.

Entrance through a manually opened wooden door, with a single step down onto a cobbled floor.

An open space is lined on either side with wooden pews, in typical Monastic Quire style.

Lit by standard light bulbs.

Votive candles are available for lighting (donation welcome).

The Old Priory.

Access either from

1. St Iltyds via a gravel path and two steps up through a cobbled gateway.

2. The Nature Trail ( signposted ) through a wooden gate, uneven, undulating pathway.

3. Priory Pond Path, two steps down to a gravel path care required (deep water to the left)

Video Hall

A smooth concrete roadway from the village, past the cottages up a slight incline

Entrance via two sets of manually opened wooden doors onto a wooden floor.

Seating is provided to watch a continuously-looped DVD presentation which runs for approximately 15 minutes.


Priory Bay offers the only beach accessible to visitors, accessed by stone steps with handrails by the jetty. 

Alternatively by a concrete ramp 150 metres further on.

The beach has a gentle slope but currents are sometimes affected by weather, and bathers should always take care.

Subject to normal precautions, with responsible adult supervision of children, bathing is safe when sea conditions are calm.

No other beaches are open or available for public access.

Island Walks

There are several Island walks, with a variety of surfaces, and benches are provided along the way. Fences, walls and other barriers are there for a reason and should neither be climbed over nor crossed. The ‘Right to Roam’ is restricted to marked paths for reasons of your safety.

Access to the village and Monastery are on smooth roadways.

Way marked cliff walks pass by steep cliffs and deep water so care should be taken.

Children must be supervised at all times. Beyond the village some routes cover undulating ground and a variety of grassed and gravel pathways and may be a challenge for those with reduced mobility. Please see map or enquire at one of the facilities before you set out, to ensure it is within your capabilitie

Caldey Island
Caldey Island

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