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Lollies Traditional Sweet Shop bring back childhood memories just like those fantastic sweets your Gran had in her handbag that would line the sweet shop shelves in jars and would keep you quiet for hours? We're talking about the confectionery classics like Rhubarb and Custards, Sherbet Lemons, Chocolate Limes, Rosey Apples, Humbugs, Pear Drops and rainbow sherbert powder, to name a few.

At Lollies Traditional Sweet Shop, we endeavour only to source the very best old fashioned sweets made by established British confectioners. At Lollies Traditional Sweet Shop we fly the flag for these delights, ensuring that a new generation of sweet candy lovers can enjoy them too, and in turn their children, and so on.

We stock over 250 types of weigh-out sweets in jars. We have an extensive range of imported American candy, luxury handmade Belgian chocolates, handmade fudge cut to order, and even ice cream! (come and try our Lollies Traditional Sweet Shop famous sweetie sundaes)! We also stock the wonderful Caldey Island chocolate alongside over global favourites like Hershey's and Wonka Bars

If you can't find the candy fix your looking for at Lollies Traditional Sweet Shop, then it probably doesn't exist! We stock an incredible selection of sweet related gifts, from beautifully nostalgic sweet-filled tins to candy-filled hampers that we create in-store.

Have a sweet tooth?

If you want to give in to your sweet tooth, our shop is a great place to find all of your favourites. Whether you're looking for retro sweets, American sweets, chocolates, liquorice or traditional sweets – we've got it covered!

We are a fun family bunch and we take sweets very seriously, including spending our time product testing (a terrible job, I hear you say). We take our time to do our research and source our sweets from a wide range of British suppliers and a few overseas, just because we can't get enough of a sweet thing!

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