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Unveiling Tenby’s Beaches: Blue Flag Excellence and Green Coast Recognition

Celebrating Pembrokeshire’s Beaches: Blue Flag Awards 2023 and Green Coast Recognition

Pembrokeshire, known for its captivating coastline and stunning beaches, has once again received well-deserved recognition for its exceptional standards. As part of the Wales Coast Awards for 2023, several beaches in Pembrokeshire have been honoured for their outstanding water quality, cleanliness, safety, and services. Join us as we celebrate the Blue Flag awards and the Green Coast recognition bestowed upon these breathtaking coastal gems.

Beaches in Tenby - Tenby Castle Beach

Blue Flag Awards: Exemplary Beach Standards

Ten pristine beaches in Pembrokeshire have been proudly awarded the Blue Flag status by Keep Wales Tidy. These Blue Flag beaches, known for their exceptional standards, have not only maintained but also retained their recognition from 2022. The beaches that continue to fly the Blue Flag include:

These beaches showcase the dedication and commitment of Pembrokeshire to ensure visitors can enjoy a safe, clean, and exceptional beach experience.

South Beach tide times tenby

Green Coast Award: Hidden Gem Beaches

Pembrokeshire’s natural beauty extends beyond the Blue Flag beaches. Seven pristine beaches have been awarded the Green Coast Award, a recognition reserved for “hidden gem” beaches that boast a clean environment, excellent water quality, and natural beauty. These hidden treasures, which have also retained their Green Coast status from 2022, include:

  • Abereiddy
  • Freshwater East
  • Manorbier
  • Penally
  • Caerfai
  • Druidston
  • West Angle Bay

These Green Coast Award-winning beaches offer an opportunity to immerse oneself in untouched beauty, away from the crowds, and appreciate the unspoiled coastal landscapes of Pembrokeshire.

The Blue Flag awards and Green Coast recognition bestowed upon Pembrokeshire’s beaches are a testament to the region’s commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in water quality, cleanliness, safety, and services. As we celebrate these accolades, let us also recognise the responsibility we share in preserving these natural treasures. By respecting the environment and keeping our beaches clean and litter-free, we can ensure that future generations can experience the wonder of Pembrokeshire’s coastline. So, whether you explore the Blue Flag beaches or seek out the hidden gems of the Green Coast Award winners, Pembrokeshire’s beaches await, ready to captivate you with their beauty and provide a truly unforgettable seaside experience.


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